Blind faith in schooling has affected familial influences.
Modern schools have marginalized the oldest
institution. Schools are mushrooming at every nook and corner.

Ivan Illich, a renowned 20th century philosopher,warns:
“The escalation of schools is as destructive as the escalation of weapons.”

He further muses:
“School makes futile promises!”

He continues:
“Neither learning nor justice is promoted by schooling. It enslaves profoundly and systematically.”

One of the principal dangers of modern society is that it has formalized every sphere of human activity…be it infant care, pre-schooling, mother care courses,marriage guidance,…almost all areas of human pursuit come under methodological supervision.

Man has really institutionalized most of the learning
required of him in life.

Bowen and Hobson lament: “The world wide movement towards a mass, public institutionalized education is now creating a virtual crisis situation.”

It is time to reflect and debate.

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4 replies

  1. these days schools have become a source of income only. they want to inculcate those things into the children which is not natural but artificial. i totally agree with those thinkers who think that now modern schools are playing havoc on our young mind rather than illuminating with the natural instinct of knowledge and wisdom.


  2. To-days school is as those days,
    Only taste has changed with changing time
    When everyone is player without stage
    or mouth to eat pancake of society
    plunders the future of billion mass.
    Aye ! who is to be Blamed ? If you pass
    bare feet the thorn of modernity.


  3. ‘plunders the future of billion’ and ‘thorn of modernity’…both phrases rightly speak of your concern.


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