Being a Muslim hardly contradicts being a good citizen. Both go hand in hand with each other and at the same time. They cannot be separated. The misconception about Muslims living in non-Muslim countries being more loyal to their faith than to their nation is created deliberately to deprive minority Muslims of their rights to practice freely and to create psychological alienation from the majority. If a person is asked, ‘Are you more loyal as a husband or the son in relation? The very question is ridiculous. Both responsibilities require manageable balance and exist in one and at the same time to be a healthy being in a society . To breathe, we inhale air being composed of a mixture of gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and so on. Each element whatever the quantity of percentage in air contributes equally in making of air for us to survive.

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  1. Does being a true Muslim interfere with Hashim Amla being a true citizen or being a true cricketer? Absolutely not. Then why do they make fuss about? In fact, a true and practicing Muslim is more loyal to his/her accountability than the one who does not.


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