Technology has amazing contribution to the development of modern civilization. It has made life easier, cozier and faster. In brief, it dictates the age we live in.

The result is: “Mumbai’s Podar International School has instructed all its students to buy iPads in order to take part in the learning process. 

The circular states, “Parents now have the choice of either purchasing the iPad 2 from the school on an outright basis or avail of a financial scheme on offer. You also need to indicate if it will be purchased by you on your own.”


The best of technology is never a proxy for the best of instruction. As educators know and numerous studies now show, technology never outweighs the human hand.

 Certainly, there are opportunities that can be captured through technology, yet at the heart of education is the teacher-student relationship.

 Teachers bring a vision and an innate sense of what it takes to help a child grow.

 We must focus on giving them the skills to use technology as a tool to engage students. The best of technology should be in the hands of teachers for effective presentation rather than in the hands of the students.

 Excessive use of technology results into the loss of emotional bond and intellectual association. It blinds human reasoning to inventions beyond morality.

In The Human Condition, 1958, Hannah Arendt laments: “It is quite conceivable that the modern age…which began with such an unprecedented and promising outburst of human activity…may end in the deadliest, most sterile passivity history has ever known”.

Over specialized instructions through technological means thwart the natural rhythm of learning and pose a different bearing of persuasion upon the learners. 

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