Israel‘s occupation of Palestine is both oppressive and unjust is known to the world, yet American military support to Israel to maintain barbaric captivity goes on smells of double standards in the Middle East.

What do Palestinians have to live with? What do they possess? In fact, the rights to own are sin for them.

House, food, water, electricity and what to speak of land they own…are all on sale without a tag of price on their belongings.
The life is uncertain and carries less worth of value than those of animals on the other side of Israel.

Dream! Ha ha ha! They are not allowed to weave. Sleep! Oh! They are not permitted to have. Wish! Sadly! They are not able to cultivate. Life! Alas! They are not able to preserve.

Is there any ray of hope? Is there any court of justice? Absolutely not. The fake mask of civilized society is contaminated with biased spirit of character and temperament.

Has anyone contemplated over this human tragedy?

Nicholas D. Kristof, a noted columnist in America has given a thought about what might be the reason for frustration for people under occupation particularly for those in Palestine.

A piece of remarkable journalism that has vigor to shake the foundation of democratic morality comes from his observation. It was carried out by The New York Times the other day.

It goes thus: “On one side of a barbed-wire fence here in the southern Hebron hills is the Bedouin village of Umm al-Kheir, where Palestinians live in ramshackle tents and huts. They aren’t allowed to connect to the electrical grid, and Israel won’t permit them to build homes, barns for their animals or even toilets. When the villagers build permanent structures, the Israeli authorities come and demolish them, according to villagers and Israeli human rights organizations.

Palestinian outside Palestine

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On the other side of the barbed wire is the Jewish settlement of Karmel, a lovely green oasis that looks like an American suburb. It has lush gardens, kids riding bikes and air-conditioned homes. It also has a gleaming, electrified poultry barn that it runs as a business. … “Those chickens get more electricity and water than all the Palestinians around here.”

In the village of Tuba, some Palestinian farmers live in caves off the grid because permanent structures are destroyed for want of building permits that are never granted. The farmers seethe as they struggle to collect rainwater while a nearby settlement, Maon, luxuriates in water piped in by the Israeli authorities.

“They plant trees and gardens and have plenty of water,” complained Ibrahim Jundiya, who raises sheep and camels in Tuba. “And we don’t even have enough to drink. Even though we were here before them.”
In Tuba, Palestinian children walking to elementary school have sometimes been attacked by Israeli settlers.

…the Israeli Army often keeps Palestinians well away from Israeli settlements – even if Palestinian farmers then cannot farm their own land.

Still, a pregnant 19-year-old Palestinian woman in the village of At-Tuwani was hospitalized this month after an attack by settlers. (The New York Times, June 30, 2010).

In the same vein, Nicholas keeps going:
“If we try to enter our land, settlers will be waiting, and we will be beaten,” said Muhammad Moqbel, a 71-year-old Palestinian from the village of Qaryout who pointed to fields that he said had been stolen by settlers. Last year, he said, he was hospitalized with a broken rib after settlers attacked while he was picking his own olives.
(The New York Times, July 07, 2010).

If life becomes garbage, it must be thrown. So is tragically the life for people in Palestine. What options do they have? Resistance with occupiers often meets with barbaric shower of cluster bombs over homes, schools and hospitals. In short, life is a burden dotted with utmost shame and humiliation.

That is where the meaninglessness of life is brightened with the purposefulness of death. Life that meets death thousand times a day awards value to the sacredness of suicide.

Suicide in Islam is strictly prohibited, yet most of the suicide bombers around the globe are suspected to be Muslims. Why?

Israel’s barbarism is sponsored by the symbolic leader of the world, the United States of America, and backing still continues unabated should surprise no one why suicide-bombers are born.

It is time for global community to pay heed to the cause that prepares ground for extremism rather than going otherwise that reverses the cause.

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