Howsoever the Jewish State patronized by the United States of America tries to paint the tormented and terrorized face of helpless Palestinians with the black shade of terrorism, the Palestinian movements for freedom continue to dominate the psyche of the modern world with its formidable message against barbarism, butchery and savagery.

The tussle between the west headed by USA with Israel as their illegitimate child and various resisting organizations in Palestine is not between the two opposite poles of power but between the oppressed against the oppressor and the deprived against the privileged.

The rest of the world has resigned to the colossal strength of the USA and its allies. They are helpless spectators against the brute and brutality inflicted upon the starving and homeless Palestinians except some daring freedom fighters who, despite lacking modern artillery, stand against the tormentors.

The hollowness and superficiality of Arab harmony to project a united front to deal with the crisis articulates the uppermost degree of abnormality and exposes their dying moral health of political order and system.

Their passivity to the on-going massacre by Israel testifies their will in the crime against humanity.

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