Howsoever the Jewish State patronized by the United States of America, tries to paint the tormented and terrorized face of helpless Palestinians with the black tinge of terrorism, howsoever it continues to degrade and humiliate the believers with its unprecedented and unmatched technological prowess and howsoever it remains indulged in unethical and unscrupulous propaganda of killing the innocent in the name of national security of which victims are mostly women and children, the Palestinian movements for freedom continue to dominate the psyche of the modern world with its formidable message against barbarism, butchery and savagery.

The tussle between the west headed by USA with Israel as their illegitimate child and various resisting organizations in Palestine is not between the two opposite poles of power but between the oppressed against the oppressor and the deprived against the privileged.

The rest of the world has resigned to the colossal strength of the USA and its allies and is a helpless spectator against the brute and brutality inflicted upon the starving and homeless Palestinians except some daring freedom fighters who, despite lacking modern artillery, stand against the tormenter.

The hollowness and superficiality of harmony among fellow Arab countries to project a united front to deal with the crisis and to pronounce even a single statement against the gruesome drama of carnage, which is still in progress, articulate the uppermost degree of abnormality Arab world possesses in its moral health of political order and system.
Their mere watchfulness to the on-going massacre is a witness to their party in the crime against humanity.

The Al Jazeera television channel which boasts of its neutral reporting and perhaps the only voice of the Arab world to the public at large even fails to live up to the expectation as it constantly carries the news caption WAR ON GAZA instead of MASSACRE IN GAZA.

War is waged between the two equal and opposite forces and not between a powerful, beleaguered state as Israel and the hapless refugees in bondage who rely for water to drink upon others.

Humanity at large must cry and shed tears how the reckless murder in broad day light is carried out with clusters of bombs over schools, hospitals and residential areas with only one goal to achieve i.e. frustrating the moral of any resistance group towards freedom.

The United States of America which leads the world with fake mask of symbolic civilization seeks its sadistic pleasure into the bloodshed of innocent Muslims and sponsors its allies to strangulate the very voice of freedom for which it has stood firmly so far. What hypocrisy!

One must acknowledge that Islam does not promote inequality and is absolutely against barbarity, brutality and injustice of any kind. The Holy Quran speaks: “…and fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and justice and faith in Allah prevail. But if they cease, let there be no hostility except to those who practice oppression”(2:193).

The USA and its allies must understand the undercurrents in order to avoid a long-drawn-never-ending battle between the two antithetical camps.

It is also time to look broader beyond a certain line and redefine the word ‘terrorism’ as those resisting the Israeli aggression and putting a brave front to the genocide is not terrorism, it is heroism.

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  1. There are no heroes or villians for certain – only victims. Victims, dead and living.


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