Mohammad Azeemullah during a conference at Corinthia Five Star Hotel in Tripoli


I am on my way to attend a conference at Corinthia Five Star Hotel, also known as Bab Al-Afriquiya in Tripoli. The event is organized by media moghuls in Libya. It is about how media could be used as an effective tool to bring social changes. This is the first of its kind after the revolution in Libya. During the time of Colonel Moammar Al-Qaddafi, the media event like this was unheard and completely neglected. Hope the conference enriches my experience. Hope the participation adds to maturity as a writer.


“Where does Libya want to go from here after the revolution?” That was the fundamental theme of the conference.

“And how media should be employed to accelerate the process of reaching that goal?” That was the answer to the question.
I had a very wonderful experience interacting with journalists coming from various parts of the globe. The prominent among them were Karen Dabrowska from London, Tessmer Henrick from Denmark, Joseph Cutajar from Malta along with other Arab journalists.

Gracefully, I had a chance to speak on the occasion.

THANK you all for blessings and love.

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