No Military Solution in the Middle East


By Mohammad Azeemullah

America is waging a lost battle in the Middle East. It can’t kill two birds with the same stone. Since nature of conflict in the Middle East being sectarian, U.S. cannot back Shi’a government in Iraq against Sunni insurgency while opposing Shia’s regime in Syria and Bahrain. The fact on the ground is that American dual policy is hated to the core by majority of Shias and Sunnis. If a balanced policy is not envisioned by America and its allies in the region, they stand to lose hugely in near future.

In the battle of supremacy between the Islamists and the secularists, it is the common people who bear the brunt of war every day in Iraq, Syria and Bahrain. The people continue to be in the crossfire of political mess for over a decade.

United Nations Organization could have intervened to save lives and properties! Alas! Even the world organization is a mute spectator to bring about any political change on the ground

The solution lies in the formation of a broad pluralistic government that addresses the grievances of all. However, keeping in view the sectarian nature of Arab leaders who fan religious feelings for political goals, the broad Arab effort is fruitless.

The region is climaxed to division into three…the Shias, the Sunnis and the Kurds. Arabs’ pride is hollow.

If America can humble Iran to negotiate despite having differences for decades, why Arabs cannot pursue a path of negotiations instead of confrontations to make region peaceful and serene.

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  1. salam Azeem bhai  how r u ? and whre r U? whats going on?


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