Rohingya Muslims and Disturbing Silence from the Muslim world

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by Mohammad Azeemullah

The humanitarian crisis concerning Rohingya Muslims has received global attention. However, international response to the stranded refugees in the sea has been disappointing. As a result, world major powers have been criticized.

But what about the response of the Muslim world to the worsening crisis? Malaysia and Indonesia acted only after hundreds of refugees were allowed to be drowned in the sea.

The dying masses cried to the world for rescue but their sobs and tears were lost into the political callousness of (in)human diplomacy.

Where is the outrage of the Muslim world? Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf states which command tremendous wealth could have easily taken in thousands of refugees on humanitarian grounds, have not even made their voice heard at the international forum to help the persecuted minority in Myanmar.

None of the Muslim countries has even used its office to condemn the violence and hold Myanmar accountable for the tragedy. It seems inertia has gripped the Muslim world.

Is Muslim Ummah a lost cause? Disturbing silence from the Muslim world to the carnage of Rohingya Muslims is gruesomely sickening and implies that wealthy Arab nations are the unspecified perpetrators of the crime along with Myanmar against Rohingya Muslims.

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