France’s Unwise War with Terror




By Mohammad Azeemullah

“Mr. Hollande reiterated his determination to annihilate the Islamic State. “France is at war,” he told a rare joint session of Parliament at the Château de Versailles.

Mr. Hollande proposed extending the state of emergency that he declared on Friday for three months, and making it easier to revoke the French citizenship of those who hold dual passports and are involved in terrorism.”

President Hollande should have a couple of hours of sound sleep. These statements are going to come back to haunt him in days, weeks, and months ahead.

An established nation like France declaring war against a stateless group of terrorists who use asymmetrical tactics is politically unwise.

At what point is such a war over? Who do they make peace with?

America got itself in a lot of trouble for similar posturing after 9/11. Trillions of dollars, and many human lives later, where are they at with our War on Terror?

There is a difference between bluster and well-thought-out plans.

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  1. Mr. Hollande is not ordinary man in France he is the President of France, might he knows all about ISIS

    and who is behind it. He was keeping quite why??? because till date they not hit his country, now he got

    socked he is getting hit from ISIS he must take some action against ISIS. France weak up now, all must

    weak up against ISIS and finish them from the entire world.

    It is good news for all the world that some one agree to delete ISIS which is very bad for Islam and for

    humanity as well, we know the pain of France, But all the western power must understand the this group

    are not Muslim, only created bad minded people to destroyed Muslims and Islam, when they reverted to

    west they knows the barbaric way of ISIS. They hit Just few days before in France, each and every day they

    play bloody game in Syria, Iraq, Libya, now they concentrated their mind on Europa coz Russia hit them

    from Syria,Now their dirty game started in France might they hit more places of Europe. We must come

    under one umbrella to cleat out our world from ISIS’s activities which is very dangerous for human as soon as we can.

    I being a Muslim appreciate the decision of Mr Hollande & prey to get success in his plan to clean ISIS from entire world.


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