When is it an Act of Terrorism?


By Mohammad Azeemullah

When is it an act of terrorism?

Violence committed by Muslims seems to be automatically labeled a terrorist incident, while those committed by others are not.

Assailants killed innocent men, women and children in Paris. The world was outraged. Some of my friends changed their profile picture on facebook in solidarity with France. Great expression for humanity indeed! Isn’t that?

Yesterday Assailants killed more than 15  people in California, America. Mass shootings in the United States are common phenomena. In fact, people killed in reckless and mindless shootings in America outnumber the casualties by ‘terrorism’ in the traditional sense of using the term for violence by Muslims.

None of my friends have changed their profile picture.  They even do not feel inclined to term ‘violence’ by  other as an act of ‘terrorism’ despite the fact that Federal Law of America defines ‘TERRORISM’ as dangerous acts intended to intimidate a civilian population, influence government policy or affect government conduct “by mass destruction, assassination or kidnapping.”

When will discriminatory view against ‘terrorism’ change?

Have the victors, in this case Europe and America, enslaved the mind of the rest of the world?

Can they not think beyond their (victors) prison? They are eternal masters. We are eternal slaves.

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  1. Yes good message By Mohammad Azeemullah through the THE OBSERVATION news, even I’m confuse these days , any things happen in any place quickly we can hear that did by Muslim without any delay, later may be get an correct answer done by some one else.

    I ask question for all common people what Israel doing in GAZA is real he is killing innocent people destroying property of Palestine for own security??? I think no, it is also terror activities and what is in Syria???

    West are doing with the help of some Islamic countries killing thousand of thousand innocent people destroy almost all infrastructure million of billion loose to change only Bashr Asad is it OK for them?? What this is not call terror activities against one good and peaceful countries.

    All the activities are going on every corner of the world against Islam to press them down not to get more and more popularity in entire world which is now Islam is moving very fast every where, which west feel very badly to stop Islam by doing propaganda against Islam, see Islam is killer every where, why west except Islam.

    For Islam Allah Almighty promise us to protect Islam, let we see the results for all terror activities against Islam till how long they will fight and try to destroy Islam.

    We will continue asking help from our creator to save us from bad elements to live happily in this world, today, tomorrow & in future Insha Allah.

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