France’s Irrationality of Burkini Ban


By Mohammad Azeemullah

What we are seeing in France is part of the continued criminalization of being Muslim. Particularly the criminalization of visibly Muslim people – particularly Muslim women.

What we are seeing is a vulgar display of White Feminism codified and legislated by the state.

We’re seeing women being forced to conform to something held up as ‘liberty’.

Women are coerced – with the threat of force –  to take off their burkinis at the beach.

A Muslim woman was ordered off the beach in Cannes and fined for simply wearing her headscarf.

We know already, of course, that the French implemented the ‘burqa ban’, we know that headscarves ‘and other religious symbols’ are banned in state schools and there have been multiple incidents of school-girls being forbidden from wearing ‘long skirts’ to school.

However, Jewish and Christian women are allowed to full-body swim-wear.

I’m wondering if these fine, upstanding, “feminist” French mayors are also planning to bar Catholic nuns who wear the full habit from going to their beaches!


James O’Brien on the burkini ban says,  ‘How would you feel if a nun was forced to take off her habit on a beach?’

In the name of “laïcité,” or secularism, France is stripping women of a fundamental human right: the right to cover their bodies as they choose. Women of all faiths should always be free to choose how much of their bodies they cover.


Secular law doesn’t mean disrespecting religious sensibilities. It does mean tolerance for all by all, without favoritism.

Briefly, EXTREMISM wins in irrational attitude of Secular France.


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  1. Assalam o alaykum peace be upon you. ..Islamic greeting is peace for all, muslim as well as non-muslim. But we ddon’t do. Why? Because we don’t want to be recognised. We want to hide our identity. Surah Alan’ am 6:54, surah Yunus 10:10, surah Yasin 36,58, surah Al’nisa 4:86…..For the muslim and for the non-muslim surah Al’Furqan 25:63 and Surah Al-Qasas 28:633. Why the muslim women do go such a naked place where the non-muslim men and women are enjoying their life without the implementation of Biblical laws on them. It is prohibited for the Christian women to open her head. They must cover their head. Mat 5:27-28 and I Corinthians 11:5-6.
    Before writing on any such topics we should have at least a glimpse of comparative religion knowledge and we should also provide references.
    In sha Allah, by the grace of Allah, in future, we will remember these above mentioned points.


  2. These days it is become a fashion to act against Islam or against hijab, against Quran why?? coz all are afraid from Islam, all those who not follow the rule of Islam thinking that Islam will block them one day their freedom of doing bad against humanity which they are doing freely in the name of freedom.

    Another prediction in the fever of Islam that in 2050 Islam will cover entire world under the flag of Islam, this things where ever Islam in small population they are working hard to keep away their country from the rule of Islam, Hijab, Fast, Salat and many other things which is given strength to Islam and big headache to non Muslim country.
    China, India, Europe many countries, America, Myanmar, and others treating with Muslim very badly.
    Only Australia given freedom of faith and freedom of speech these days to follow as per your choice.
    Thanks for your article which is open new thinking for all those who trying to block almighty’s rule to destroy, We have to wait and see who will win and who get loss and get lost.


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