Violent Foreign Policy of Saudi Arabia Toward Animals

By Mohammad Azeemullah

 camel History will never forgive Saudi Arabia for its savage foreign policy toward animals. The conservative Kingdom has banned all camels and sheep coming over to its border from Qatar in retaliation to its political fallout with the tiny neighbor (Qatar).

How un-Islamic for Saudi Arabia to be so cruel to the animals! This speaks volumes of the mind of the Arabs…particularly the regime of Saudi Arabia. Now the chaos and carnage in the Arab world don’t surprise me. If they cannot have mercy upon camels and sheep, it is stupidity of us to expect mercy from them toward fellow Arabs/human beings. 

Qatari officials say that about 15,000 camels and 10,000 sheep have already crossed the border.

An emergency makeshift shelter with water tanks and fodder has been set up in Qatar.

Many Qataris keep their cattle in Saudi Arabia, because the tiny Gulf kingdom does not have enough pastures. 

Earlier this month, Saudi Arabia and a number of other Arab States cut diplomatic ties and all transport links with Qatar over the kingdom’s alleged support for Islamic extremism. 

Qatar rejects the accusations.

The Qatari Ministry of Municipality and Environment says the makeshift shelter will operate until more suitable areas are prepared.

Animal experts, drivers and other personnel are already at the site to provide any assistance to animal owners, the ministry says.  

Qatari official Jassim Qattan told al-Raya website on Monday that 25,000 camels and sheep had already returned to Qatar.

Videos posted on social media in recent days show big herds of camels crossing Saudi Arabia’s desert border.

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