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  • Harming the Cause of Hinduism

    Never had been a national identity as much adhered to the religiosity of Hinduism in modern history of India as that of now. Never had been RSS doctrine of faith as much aggressive in the country as that of contemporary time. The (un)godly onslaught has only accelerated after the ascension of an ascetic to the throne of Utter Pradesh.

  • Violent Foreign Policy of Saudi Arabia Toward Animals

    History will never forgive Saudi Arabia for its savage foreign policy toward animals. The conservative Kingdom has banned all camels and sheep coming over to its border from Qatar in retaliation to its political fallout with the tiny neighbor (Qatar).

    How un-Islamic for Saudi Arabia to be so cruel to the animals! This speaks volumes of the mind of the Arabs…particularly the regime of Saudi Arabia. Now the chaos and carnage in the Arab world don’t surprise me. If they cannot have mercy upon camels and sheep, it is stupidity of us to expect mercy from them toward fellow Arabs/human beings. 

  • Spiritual Melody Of Azaan (Prayer-call)

    Display of ignorance about Azaan by a non-Muslim is forgivable. What is more disturbing how ignorant Muslims have become about their own religion! We truly need to awaken their sleeping soul and refresh them with meaning and purpose of Azaan.
    The Azaan in Arabic أَذَان is the Islamic call to worship, recited by the muezzins at prescribed five times of the day. The meaning of the word is “to listen, to hear, and be informed about”.the secret of deriving spiritual pleasure in Azaan is to comprehend the meaning of it and feel deeply about it. It is the power and beauty of Adhan that inspired many famous persons in history to convert to Islam.

  • New Year:Wish or Not to Wish

    Wishing someone is obvious, a year has completed and we are going to start another New Year 2017. However, some Muslims among us object to it. The point is…the whole year we submissively follow the English calendar without any argument, suddenly if someone wishes Happy New Year, we become conscious of it being ‘haraam’ or begin to think of it otherwise.

  • Death, Demonetization and Human Accountability

    Has our society gone to a level where loss of a human life does not evoke too many emotions? Has society’s view of death as a sad thing faded over time with only family members having the time to mourn the loss of a person?Numerous reports of human causalities keep coming while many deaths have gone unnoticed from the gaze of media. Children, youths, women and the old have succumbed to the strain. Undeniably, there is a direct link between the abrupt announcement of demonetization policy by the Prime Minster of India, Narendra Modi and the reported deaths of some innocent citizens. The correlation is rational and valid. While deaths caused by negligence of public apathy, the government is quick to announce compensation to the victims of the families.

  • Chaos, Confusion and Uncertainty… Looks Like Festival Time in India

    Chaos, confusion and uncertainty… as millions in India Crowd Banks to exchange currency while Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, smiles in Japan. A 7-year old child, Ibrahim, reacts: “It looks like a festival time in India…people gathering together at one place”.

  • Muslims’ Fear and Talk of Reforms Cannot Go together

    Media discourse around Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is articulated in such a way that makes us believe that Muslims are more loyal to Islamic system of justice than the secular one.
    This misplaced public perception is truly tragic and unfortunateFear and reform are antithetical to each other. Both cannot go together. To bring about social reforms, first it is necessary to create congenial atmosphere. Unfortunately, on this front, the Modi government in power has miserably failed. Instead rhetoric from leaders of the ruling party have only fueled to widen the gulf.

  • Savage Side of Selfies

    Selfie is not just a normal shot. People who frequently take selfies usually try to show themselves at their best. Some people I personally know, whenever they wear a new dress a selfie click is immediately posted on Facebook. When the “likes” and “comments” come in large numbers on our carefully selected selfies, it is like satisfying our inner self-image which is immeasurable.
    In fact, by regularly trying to show people online our best, sometimes, takes us towards the fake world of fantasy. And in process of maintaining that fake online status we feel the death of compassion in ourselves. As Albert Einstein said: “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

  • France’s Irrationality of Burkini Ban

    What we are seeing in France is part of the continued criminalization of being Muslim. Particularly the criminalization of visibly Muslim people – particularly Muslim women. Women are coerced – with the threat of force – to take off their burins at the beach. ‘How would you feel if a nun was forced to take off her habit on a beach?’ Secular law doesn’t mean disrespecting religious sensibilities. It does mean tolerance for all by all, without favoritism. Briefly, EXTREMISM wins in irrational attitude of Secular France.

  • The Light of Revolution in Libya

    17th February symbolizes the sacrifice made by millions. People in general still carry high hopes of success amidst despair. They still look forward to the triumph of Unity Government and anticipate the Light of Revolution will prevail over the Darkness of Despair.