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    Saudi Arabia has planned to build the tallest tower in the world to be named as Kingdom Tower at a height of one kilometer worth the US$1.2 billion. That will surpass Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. It is scheduled to begin construction… Read More ›

  • Practice What You Preach

    The war on terrorism is yet another example of global prejudice by imperial power. The slightest stir by Muslim youths amounts to a threat to world peace while young Muslim men and women are routine-day victims of bombs and military operations. The counting goes on.

  • Democracy is Tyranny

    It is time those who preach the lesson of democracy to the world and truly claim to advocate and practice it shed prejudice against ‘democracy’ itself, for democracy followed by other people elsewhere in the world marks the same footprint of development as in those of advanced countries. Failing to do so is no less than autocracy being practiced in a democratic garb of tyranny and cruelty.

  • A Lesson for Democracy in Libya

    During the time of Colonel Al Qathafi regime, life in Libya was static. Change was very slow or non-existent. Innovation was tightly controlled. And on rare occasions if at all it occurred, change was announced from above. Now that era of sluggishness and disenchantment is gone.

    Currently Libya inhales a new breath of its existence. It has its birth now and marks a beginning in the history of modern nations.Democracy is just knocking its door to have its space.


    The last seven months of uprisings in Libya have been the period of perilous turbulence and disorder. They have cost the state political, economic or social isolation from the world. Politically it has witnessed a long-serving dictator clinging to power… Read More ›