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  • France’s Irrationality of Burkini Ban

    What we are seeing in France is part of the continued criminalization of being Muslim. Particularly the criminalization of visibly Muslim people – particularly Muslim women. Women are coerced – with the threat of force – to take off their burins at the beach. ‘How would you feel if a nun was forced to take off her habit on a beach?’ Secular law doesn’t mean disrespecting religious sensibilities. It does mean tolerance for all by all, without favoritism. Briefly, EXTREMISM wins in irrational attitude of Secular France.

  • The Light of Revolution in Libya

    17th February symbolizes the sacrifice made by millions. People in general still carry high hopes of success amidst despair. They still look forward to the triumph of Unity Government and anticipate the Light of Revolution will prevail over the Darkness of Despair.

  • Let Tragedy Vitalize our Spirit to Challenge all Threats

    If Libya has to stand against the threat of mindless violence, the people have to rise above their petty differences. They have to remain calm and united even in a state of most agitated moments. Let tragedy be the strength rather than weaknesses to defeat all forces that wish to destroy the nation. Let those who have shed the blood and sacrificed their lives solidify the spirit to challenge all threats from both within and outside.

  • While Romantic Movie triggers Protests, Injustice keeps Silence

    Instead of protesting against the release of a criminal by a court, they are protesting against the man who has taken Hindi cinema to a new glory. Instead of protesting against the ‘miscarriage of justice’, they are protesting against the ‘icon of love’ in the country. What has gone wrong with people in some sections of our society? Has our society become sick? Are we taking India forward by behaving in this manner? It is time for all to think.

  • The Tragedy of Award

    At the moment when one of the highest civilian awards of India was given to him, he could barely lift his hand to receive it. He could hardly smile. He could hardly feel the spirit of award and could hardly acknowledge the purpose why was it presented to him. Why is the prestigious award like Padma Vibhushan not given to an icon during the prime time of his life? Why does the system in India not wake up to the prime time to honor an individual to enjoy the Award or Medal with?

  • When is it an Act of Terrorism?

    When is it an act of terrorism?Violence committed by Muslims seems to be automatically labeled a terrorist incident, while those committed by others are not.Assailants killed innocent men, women and children in Paris. The world was outraged. Some of my friends changed their profile picture on facebook in solidarity with France. Great expression for humanity indeed! Isn’t that?Yesterday Assailants killed more than 15 people in California, America. Mass shootings in the United States are common phenomena. In fact, people killed in reckless and mindless shootings in America outnumber the casualties by ‘terrorism’ in the traditional sense of using the term for violence by Muslims.

  • France’s Unwise War with Terror

    An established nation like France declaring war against a stateless group of terrorists who use asymmetrical tactics is politically unwise. At what point is such a war over? Who do they make peace with? America got itself in a lot of trouble for similar posturing after 9/11. Trillions of dollars, and many human lives later, where are they at with our War on Terror?

  • When Threats of Terror Wake up from Deep Slumber

    The world is suddenly filled with tears and sorrows at the naked dance of death in France. Every time there is an attack, resolve to fight terrorism multiplies. Fighter jets fly over Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. They shower rains of bombs and smile over their target of destruction…yet the threats of terror wake up from deep slumber.

  • Bihar Election Result: Like Oxygen Being Given to Muslims

    ‘The result of Bihar Assembly Election in favor of Grand Alliance led by Nitish Kumar is like oxygen being provided to Muslims’ expressed Mohammad Majeed, a Lecturer of Computer Science in Libya. He resumed: ‘We felt suffocated at the idea of BJP coming to power in Bihar’.

  • Major Players in Syria Civil War

    The Syrian civil war, now in its fifth year, involves multiple countries with overlapping and at times conflicting agendas. Competing visions of how to manage the conflict, which has led to a major global refugee crisis as well as the rise of the Islamic State, dominated discussions at the United Nations General Assembly last month.