Civil War

Major Players in Syria Civil War

The Syrian civil war, now in its fifth year, involves multiple countries with overlapping and at times conflicting agendas. Competing visions of how to manage the conflict, which has led to a major global refugee crisis as well as the rise of the Islamic State, dominated discussions at the United Nations General Assembly last month.

A Clash of Global Interests in Syria

If politics cannot not do enough to resolve the crisis, let a cause for humanity put an end to the fighting.  This may be the beginning of the end of the conflict.

Failing to attain peace in Syria will continue to cost the innocent lives who are actually caught in between the lines of fire by competing interests of major powers.

Unrewarding Sacrifices by Indians

Day by day, communications were coming to a halt. The oil embargo on Libya had begun to affect normal life. Apart from rising prices for daily commodities, the sluggish mobile network was another worry for the Indians.  Often they would try hours and hours to make a successful call to acquaintances.

The north African country which had never witnessed power-cut for months and years even for a single minute before, did have frequent disruptions of supply during the war. That added woes to the availability of water. Many of the Indians would simply walk for a kilometer to take water from friends’ houses where generator or more water storage was likely to be available.

Failing to Thwart the Spirit of Libya

Pregnancy is the most painful experience a woman goes through in her life. She is not able to walk freely, eat freely and work freely. Every fraction of the moment she is reminded of the responsibility she has about a life in her womb and she continues to sacrifice her pleasure for the sake of a new future.

In Storm of Chaos

War has its own language to speak. It has its own story to narrate. Death and destruction are its essential features whereas chaos and confusion are its obligatory constituents.

When civil war in Libya erupted on 17th February, 2011, there was a scene of choas and confusion both among the natives and immigrants alike. While natives had their folks behind, the immigrants had hopelessness to live with.