Democracy in Libya

The Light of Revolution in Libya

17th February symbolizes the sacrifice made by millions. People in general still carry high hopes of success amidst despair. They still look forward to the triumph of Unity Government and anticipate the Light of Revolution will prevail over the Darkness of Despair.

Unrewarding Sacrifices by Indians

Day by day, communications were coming to a halt. The oil embargo on Libya had begun to affect normal life. Apart from rising prices for daily commodities, the sluggish mobile network was another worry for the Indians.  Often they would try hours and hours to make a successful call to acquaintances.

The north African country which had never witnessed power-cut for months and years even for a single minute before, did have frequent disruptions of supply during the war. That added woes to the availability of water. Many of the Indians would simply walk for a kilometer to take water from friends’ houses where generator or more water storage was likely to be available.