Let Tragedy Vitalize our Spirit to Challenge all Threats

If Libya has to stand against the threat of mindless violence, the people have to rise above their petty differences. They have to remain calm and united even in a state of most agitated moments. Let tragedy be the strength rather than weaknesses to defeat all forces that wish to destroy the nation. Let those who have shed the blood and sacrificed their lives solidify the spirit to challenge all threats from both within and outside.

Libya: The Wealth of Sea Resources

Undoubtedly, ocean is one of the Libya’s most valuable natural resources. It can provide food in the form of fish and shellfish. Fishing is a world industry. If Libya wants, it can cater to the needs of many of the North African countries with availability of fish resources to the people but the industry of fishing, like any other trade, is utterly in a state of negligence.

Revenge is self-defeating

Revenge is a harmful action against a person or group in response to a grievance, be it real or perceived. It is also called retribution, retaliation or vengeance.

Revenge killing is a phenomenon normally witnessed during the time of armed hostilities. Now, the time of war in Libya is over.  Furthermore, the country has an elected government.

Failing to Thwart the Spirit of Libya

Pregnancy is the most painful experience a woman goes through in her life. She is not able to walk freely, eat freely and work freely. Every fraction of the moment she is reminded of the responsibility she has about a life in her womb and she continues to sacrifice her pleasure for the sake of a new future.

In Storm of Chaos

War has its own language to speak. It has its own story to narrate. Death and destruction are its essential features whereas chaos and confusion are its obligatory constituents.

When civil war in Libya erupted on 17th February, 2011, there was a scene of choas and confusion both among the natives and immigrants alike. While natives had their folks behind, the immigrants had hopelessness to live with.

A Lesson for Democracy in Libya

During the time of Colonel Al Qathafi regime, life in Libya was static. Change was very slow or non-existent. Innovation was tightly controlled. And on rare occasions if at all it occurred, change was announced from above. Now that era of sluggishness and disenchantment is gone.

Currently Libya inhales a new breath of its existence. It has its birth now and marks a beginning in the history of modern nations.Democracy is just knocking its door to have its space.