Maryam Hedayat

رمضان: المرأة ومتاعب المطبخ Ramadan: Women and the Stress of Cooking

من الشائع جدا أن نلاحظ أنه في الوقت الذي تنشغل فيه الإناث في المنزل بعمل المطبخ جنبا إلى جنب مع الأعمال المنزلية الأخرى، يقضي الذكور أوقاتهم إما في النوم أو الاسترخاء، لا سيما في العالم العربي. والجزء الأكثر إثارة للاهتمام هو أنه حتى بعد يوم كامل من النوم والاسترخاء، فهي تولي اهتماما خاصا على بمائدة الإفطار. Women also need time for worship and contemplation during this special period which is supposed to be different from daily life in other months. Instead of reducing housework, duties of women are doubled in this month.

Spiritual Melody Of Azaan (Prayer-call)

Display of ignorance about Azaan by a non-Muslim is forgivable. What is more disturbing how ignorant Muslims have become about their own religion! We truly need to awaken their sleeping soul and refresh them with meaning and purpose of Azaan.
The Azaan in Arabic أَذَان is the Islamic call to worship, recited by the muezzins at prescribed five times of the day. The meaning of the word is “to listen, to hear, and be informed about”.the secret of deriving spiritual pleasure in Azaan is to comprehend the meaning of it and feel deeply about it. It is the power and beauty of Adhan that inspired many famous persons in history to convert to Islam.

New Year:Wish or Not to Wish

Wishing someone is obvious, a year has completed and we are going to start another New Year 2017. However, some Muslims among us object to it. The point is…the whole year we submissively follow the English calendar without any argument, suddenly if someone wishes Happy New Year, we become conscious of it being ‘haraam’ or begin to think of it otherwise.

Savage Side of Selfies

Selfie is not just a normal shot. People who frequently take selfies usually try to show themselves at their best. Some people I personally know, whenever they wear a new dress a selfie click is immediately posted on Facebook. When the “likes” and “comments” come in large numbers on our carefully selected selfies, it is like satisfying our inner self-image which is immeasurable.
In fact, by regularly trying to show people online our best, sometimes, takes us towards the fake world of fantasy. And in process of maintaining that fake online status we feel the death of compassion in ourselves. As Albert Einstein said: “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

Fake Feelings on Facebook

For some people it seems mandatory to share everything on Facebook…their whereabouts, what they buy and whatever they cook. The food before it reaches the abdomen is displayed on the walls of friends.
Truth speaks itself. Those who are blessed with luxuries in life hardly bother to show them off to public that they are using them in a particular way.

Islamic Information in the Age of Electronic Sharing

Now we see almost the same thing happening in the age of technology and internet.  With every Islamic quote, hadith or sayings with a bit of difference, “you must share this to, at least, fifty people or do not forget to share. I know you will not have time to share this. If you share and forward this to others, you will be blessed with a lot of rewards…sharing such a message is Sadaqa Jaariyah, and if you do not share, you will be punished by Allah.”

Food Wastage and Human Suffering

According to a report, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) throws away 500 tonnes of food each year only during the month of Ramadan. Unfortunately the amount of food that they waste could fill the hunger of many million people around the globe.In fact, wasting food is not good for anyone in any way to the economy, to the environment or to our own ethical justification. Civilization is moving forward only to say but our values and morals are actually moving backward.

Libya: The Wealth of Sea Resources

Undoubtedly, ocean is one of the Libya’s most valuable natural resources. It can provide food in the form of fish and shellfish. Fishing is a world industry. If Libya wants, it can cater to the needs of many of the North African countries with availability of fish resources to the people but the industry of fishing, like any other trade, is utterly in a state of negligence.