United States of America

When is it an Act of Terrorism?

When is it an act of terrorism?Violence committed by Muslims seems to be automatically labeled a terrorist incident, while those committed by others are not.Assailants killed innocent men, women and children in Paris. The world was outraged. Some of my friends changed their profile picture on facebook in solidarity with France. Great expression for humanity indeed! Isn’t that?Yesterday Assailants killed more than 15 people in California, America. Mass shootings in the United States are common phenomena. In fact, people killed in reckless and mindless shootings in America outnumber the casualties by ‘terrorism’ in the traditional sense of using the term for violence by Muslims.

Valuing Freedom

What will happen if all pushes to exercise freedom to do what one likes, to speak what one minds and to indulge in what one yearns for? The society will no less be a model than that of chaos. Freedom without accountability is no less an ignorant principle as that of a ship without a course, as that of a nation without leadership and as that of learning without values.