Muslims’ Fear and Talk of Reforms Cannot Go together

Media discourse around Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is articulated in such a way that makes us believe that Muslims are more loyal to Islamic system of justice than the secular one.
This misplaced public perception is truly tragic and unfortunateFear and reform are antithetical to each other. Both cannot go together. To bring about social reforms, first it is necessary to create congenial atmosphere. Unfortunately, on this front, the Modi government in power has miserably failed. Instead rhetoric from leaders of the ruling party have only fueled to widen the gulf.

Mystifying Experience of being a Minority Muslim in India

Truly Muslims abroad carry apprehensions about the way political narratives are being played in India by the vested interest to target a particular community for what it eats and how it dresses.

Such events truly demoralize us and belittle aspirations of millions of Muslims who work abroad in so many unfavorable situations with only one hope of going back to India with happy and secured future.